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You are Kyle, the game creator's six-year-old nephew, and this is your first ever RPG adventure!

  • DEVASTATE hordes of feral Chihuahuas.
  • SCALE the Tower of Puzzles.
  • UNCOVER hidden treasures, new dimensions, and other-worldly insights.
  • WITNESS your big brother being grounded.
  • FEEL obligated when a family friend sends your party on a nonsensical side-quest.
  • TEAM-UP with your classmates to dispense justice on:
    • Lava Frogs
    • Crabbits
    • Pig Goons of the dreaded Demon King
  • DE-ESCALATE and help to unpack the interpersonal disputes of people you meet.
  • BE home in time for dinner, it's pizza night.

Explore a fantastical simulation of your life through the
subconscious mind of someone who really loves you a lot.

That someone is me.

-Calliope Studio


Full Version

  • The full version will contain over 3 hours of gameplay.
  • Downloadable soundtrack of all original Calliope Studio music.
  • Hidden Achievements and Badges.
  • Trading cards.
  • It'll be cheap.

Help Out:

The best kind of help would be tips on improving the game. Suggest mechanic balancing, audio mixing, adding features, etc. I will try to incorporate as much as I can.

About Us:

Hi! We are Mike and Rosa. We make games, music, comic books, paintings, performance art, and Korean food. Calliope Studio is our living room. We also have a 14 year old, one-eyed, blind chihuahua who chases geese. We are very grateful people. You can meet us in the game!


Install instructions

Thank you for checking out the game. If you run in to any problems, leave a comment or email me: KylesQuestGame@gmail.com and I will get right on it.


Kyles_Quest_Demo.exe 394 MB


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Great Game!!! Very entertaining!!!